Primestream to Launch New Cloud-Based Media Review & Approval System

Review Hub is a new SaaS system integrated into all versions of Xchange


Primestream®, the leader in dynamic media management, today announced Review Hub™, its new collaboration review and approval system. The new internet SaaS-based (software as a service) system is designed for users to securely share and collect feedback on media across their organization by leveraging tight integration with Xchange™, and with external collaborators via a web-based browser interface.

The platform offers extensive privacy controls by way of watermarking, as well as password protection and time specific links. Through a powerful and easy to use Web interface, users can add frame specific markers and metadata, plus automated synchronization back to the Xchange platform and through an extension panel for Adobe® Premiere® Pro.


Features include:

  • Watermarking
  • Review with frame specific metadata and marker annotations
  • Search, edit, and delete annotation
  • Playback with multi-resolutions
  • Playback using Apple® AirPlay®
  • Annotate while previewing in “Theater Mode”
  • Email notifications based on completion of review and/or approval


“The internet and the cloud are great workflow improvements for the media industries,” said Claudio Lisman, President and CEO of Primestream. “However, there are still major and justifiable concerns with valuable media assets being transferred to the cloud. With Review Hub, all media assets start on-site within Xchange, and are transferred by Xchange to the cloud for the actual review and approval process through a secured connection. This delivers our users the security they demand, with the efficiencies of an online SaaS — the best of both worlds for the review and approval process.”