Primestream®, the leader in dynamic media management, today announces that it will launch a new public API for Xchange™, and a new Configuration Framework. The Xchange API enables customers to extend their use of the Xchange MAM with tight integration to other tools, increasing reach, functionality and flexibility. In addition, Primestream has added a new Framework for simplifying configurations across Xchange and FORK™ applications.

“Primestream solves customer problems with workflows built with our powerful toolset and with third party integration,” said Claudio Lisman, President and CEO of Primestream. “Our new API allows us to build tighter and more powerful integration across best-in-class tools, so our customers can build more powerful solutions.”

The Xchange API will enable users to enhance their broadcast workflows in many ways, such as:

  • Tight interchange with AI engines capable to leveraging media and metadata to return complex deliverables
  • Integrating with 3rd party applications to deliver IMF workflow
  • Incorporating third-party work order systems to create projects in Xchange, for example, if a customer approves a new episode and assigns budget and personnel, the API can auto-create a project in Xchange to create a container for the media being shot and produced
  • Rights management systems can leverage the API to search and update media and its metadata

In addition, Primestream has simplified and centralized configuration and licensing with a new Configuration Framework featuring an on-boarding/wizard configuration, the ability to install and configure the system from a central location, reduced clicks/windows to decrease the chance of error and a common UI experience across all products.

The Xchange API will be available at NAB 2018 and customers can request access to the APIs by visiting