Solution creates an integrated asset management, archiving, editing and workflow automation platform across VICE production locations

VICE® Media, the digital media and broadcasting company, is expanding its comprehensive content management and automation system from Primestream®, the leader in dynamic media management, to keep pace with VICE’s constant innovation in the media space. Primestream’s Xchange allows the organization to dynamically manage workflows from program preparation to final distribution on a global scale.

This expansion further connects VICE Media’s workflow across its multiple locations, including the New York and London production hubs, with project sharing across sites, archiving, metadata tagging integrated with Associated Press® data services, Adobe® Premiere® editing integration and more. The solution is based around Primestream’s Xchange™ platform which enables VICE Media to access, publish, and control content via Xchange’s web interface and automation platform.

“We needed a trusted partner to help us fulfil our existing needs and develop new solutions in line with our future plans,” said Charlie Travis, VP, Media Technology, VICE Media. “Primestream has given us a tightly integrated workflow that enables us to manage our content across our sites much more efficiently and gives us plenty of room to evolve.”

The solution also features integrations with many third-party systems for non-linear editing, transcode, Quality Control(QC), object storage and archival workflows. Future plans include integration with project management systems, internal business analytics, and enhancements to review and approval workflow.

“An ambitious and forward-thinking company like VICE Media needs solutions that not only solve existing challenges but open doors to new opportunities,” said Namdev Lisman, Co-Founder, Primestream. “Our Dynamic Media Management solution enables VICE to simplify its workflow, work more efficiently and manage its valuable assets, while enabling future growth.”